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Ιταλικής προέλευσης εταιρεία με ειδίκευση στις κατασκευή και διανομή συρίγγων και βελονών εξαιρετικής ποιότητας.

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PIC Syringe With Disposable Needle
Disposable syringe with detachable needle by PIC, Italy.   Code Volume Gauge 000140...
Mirage Disposable Butterfly Needle
The premium quality Mirage Butterfly Needle by PIC Solution, Italy, achieves easy skin penetration t...
PIC Flexa Elast Elastic Bandage
Flexa Elast elastic bandage, excellent quality by PIC Solution, Italy. Width Length 6cm...
PIC Feeding Needle 60ml
60ml disposable feeding syringe by PIC, Italy. Sterilized using ethylene oxide.   Packaging: 50 p...
PIC Luer Syringe 50ml
Disposable luer syringe 50-60ml without needle by PIC, Italy.
PIC Injection Needles (100 pcs)
Disposable PIC Solution injection needles for easier penetration and less pain.   Color Gaυ...
Syringe PIC 60ml luer-lock
Syringe 60ml - Luer Lock by Pic Solution, with screw plunger without needle sterile suitable for tra...
Easywash Enema Spray with cannula
Enema bottle (bubble) with rigid cannula suitable for intestinal enemas, sterile.It is made of non-t...

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