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Είναι κορυφαία εταιρεία στην διανομή διαγνωστικών προϊόντων παγκοσμίως, όπως ωρολογιακά πιεσόμετρα, ωτοσκόπια, οφθαλμοσκόπια  κλπ

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Inspection Pen Torch Fortelux LED
Fortelux N inspection pen torch by Riester, Germany, is one of the most popular pocket diagnostic li...
Duplex Riester Stethoscope
The Duplex stethoscope by Riester, Germany, is suitable for both adults and children with a 77cm lon...
Precisa N analog blood pressure monitor
Precisa N analog blood pressure monitor by Riester, Germany, that combines excellent quality with ex...
Riester Blood Pressure Cuff
Riester adult blood pressure cuff with air chamber, compatible with most analog sphygmomanometers.
Ri-Rap® Stethoscope with Reinforced Double Tube
Made to order
Ri-Rap stethoscope by Riester, Germany, with separate sound-conducting pathways for the left and rig...
Riester E-mega® Palm Style Sphygmomanometer
The E-Mega Palm Style Sphygmomanometer by Riester, Germany, offers high measurement accuracy, ideal...
Riester metal ear specula
Made to order
Riester metal ear specula
Riester Metpak Pressure Infusion Cuff
Metpak pressure infusion cuff by Riester, Germany, for rapid blood transfusion. For exerting constan...
Riester metal ear specula Ø5 mm
Last piece
Metal ear specula by Riester, Germany, 5 mm diameter.
Riester Blood Pressure Cuff - Child Size
Riester blood pressure cuff child-size with air chamber, compatible with compatible with most analog...
Riester Big Ben® Sphygmomanometer In Mobile Stand
Last piece
Professional manometric blood pressure monitor Big Ben by Riester, Germany, on a stainless steel mob...
Riester Blood Pressure Cuff Without Air Chamber
Riester adult cuff, compatible with most analogue sphygmomanometers.
Riester Sphygmomanometer Vaquez Type
Excellent quality Vaqeuz Laubry type spygmomanometer by Riester, Germany, ergonomically designed to...
Riester ischemic tourniquet
Made to order
Riester ischemic tourniquet with durable metal pump. Easily cleaned with disinfectant and hand wash...
Riester Babyphon® palm-style sphygmomanometer for Children & Babies
Last piece
The Babyphon sphygmomanometer with the reliability of Riester and with three cuffs of different size...

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