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Γυναικολογικά αναλώσιμα, υλικά βιοψίας, βελόνες μεσοθεραπείας και άλλα αναλώσιμα

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AMNIORAM 20G x 150 mm Amniocentesis needle
Amniocentesis needle AMNIORAM 20G x 150 mm by Ri.Mos, Italy.   Specially designed for trans-abdomi...
Insemination catheter - Ainsewhite
Single lumen sperm transfer catheter into the uterine cavity. Specially designed for artificial inse...
Intrauterine fluid collection catheter Rampipella
Device for endometrial cytologic aspiration and sperm sampling in post-coital tests. The cannula is...
Multi-Injectors Linear with 5 connections Rimos
Linear Multi-Injectors with 5 connections ideal for mesotherapy.   They distribute liquids evenly...
EASY-RAM semi-automatic biopsy needle
EASY-RAM biopsy needles from Ri.Mos Italy are semi-automatic tools for obtaining tissue from a wide...
Speedy Ram Automatic Breast & Prostate Biopsy Gun
Speedy Ram Automatic Breast & Prostate Biopsy Gun by Ri.Mos., Italy.Designed with the unique "gu...
Multi-injector 5 connectors Rimos
5 connectors circular multi-injectors ideal for mesotherapy.
Sperm collection cup - Spermacup
Spermacup sperm collection cup.   Ideal for the collection and transfer of sperm, in cases of assi...
Embryo transfer catheter - Transfer Easy
Single-lumen embryo transfer catheter, specially designed for use during the IVF procedure.

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