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Seca ηγέτης στην παραγωγή και διανομή οργάνων μέτρησης και ζυγαριών Γερμανικής προέλευσης. 

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Seca 201 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape
Seca 201 is an elegant tape that measures the human body with millimeter accuracy according to the h...
Seca 206 Wall Mounted Roll-up Height Measuring tape
The wall mounted roll-up height measuring tape Seca 206 is the ideal solution for saving space.
Seca 803 Digital Floor Scale
Last piece
The Seca 803 digital floor scale by SECA, Germany is a stylish and easy-to-use precision device for...
Seca 213 Height Rod
Last piece
Height rod Seca 213 for accurate measurement of height up to 205cm
Colorata Floor Scale
Made to order
Seca Colorata floor scale offers high precision measurements and is suitable for home and profession...
Seca 712 Mechanical Column Scale
Last piece
The Seca 712 mechanical scale by Seca, Germany offers the most reliable and accurate measurements fo...
Seca 725 Mechanical Baby Scale
Made to order
Mechanical baby scale by Seca, Germany, with precision rolling counterweights.
Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Seca Column Scales
Made to order
The ideal height rod to integrate into column scales by Seca, Germany.
Seca 210 Height Measuring Mat for Babies and Toddlers
Made to order
Seca 210 height measuring mat for babies and toddlers by Seca, Germany.
Seca 354 digital baby scale
Made to order
The Seca 354 digital baby scale has a particularly simple operation and can be converted into a pedi...
Seca 769 Digital Column Scale with BMI function
Made to order
The Seca 769 by Seca, Germany, is a modern digital scale equipped with many "smart" functions.

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