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Διακεκριμένη εταιρεία παραγωγής και διάθεση ουρολογικών καθετήρων, καθετήρων σίτισης και άλλων γυναικολογικών προϊόντων.

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TIK Suction Catheter with Vacuum Control
Sterile suction catheter with vacuum control by TIK, Slovenia for better suction adjustment.
TIK Suction Catheter
Sterile suction catheter by TIK, Slovenia, suitable for the suction of mucus and secretions from the...
TIK Nelaton Catheter
Nelaton male urethral catheter by TIK, Slovenia. Sterile and disposable, 40 cm long.  
Suction Catheter
Last piece
Disposable suction catheter, sterile, 40cm long.   Size Color Ν22        Purple...
Levin Feeding Tube
Levin nasogastric feeding catheter by TIK, Slovenia, 120cm long, sterile disposable.
Greencath Plus Nelaton Self-lubricating Catheter
Greencath Plus Nelaton self-lubricating catheter by TIK, Slovenia, for easy self-catheterization of...
Greencath Soft H20 Nelaton Self-lubricating Catheter
Greencath Soft H20 Nelaton self-lubricating catheter by TIK, Slovenia, with a flexible tip for easy...
Greencath Self-lubricating Nelaton Catheter
Hydrophilic simple Nelaton Greencath catheter by TIK, Slovenia, for easy self-catheterization of the...
Tiemann Greencath Plus self-lubricating catheter
TIEMANN Greencath Plus self-lubricating catheter for easy self-catheterization of the bladder.
TIK IVF Follicle aspiration needle
Follicle aspiration needle, single lumen, for in vitro fertilization (IVF), by TIK D.O.O.   Availa...

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