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6 Ideas to increase the clientele of your practice

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6 Ideas to increase the clientele of your practice

The success of a medical practice is a business that needs proper handling. As easy as it is to lose the trust of a patient, it is as difficult to gain a new one, therefore it is important that the services to the patient have quality and continuity.

1. Develop your personal image

A doctor who knows his subject in depth and inspires confidence, is the first choice of every patient. Write about medical topics either in print or online and make your presence felt. The more active you are, the more people will get to know you, the more the flow of patients to your practice will increase.

2. Your "on-line" presence

Create communication channels with internet users, whether you have a website or a simple Facebook profile. Open discussions about medical topics and solve questions.

3. Improve pre-examination services

In addition to the examination itself, the patient will begin to form an opinion of you long before the appointment. The service from your secretariat, your own availability and courtesy will weigh heavily in his opinion. Then, the aesthetics and proper organization of the waiting area and any information forms will complete the first image of the patient for you.

4. Manage your time properly

Give your patients as much time as they need and speak in simple terms to build a relationship of trust. At the same time, try to keep the waiting time in the area short. The timely arrival of patients is never certain, however if the program starts without delay on your part, any waiting in the area will be short and will not create a bad impression.

5. Repeat appointment

Arrange the next appointment with the patient before he leaves the practice. In this way, you keep the client in your practice while at the same time showing your interest in him. In the event that there is no feasibility for a new date, try to maintain a contact. A phone call after a few months from you or your secretary, regarding the progress of the patient's health will certainly count positively.

6. Send informative articles & reminders

As we mentioned, it is important to have contact with the patient even after the end of the appointment. Newsletters are one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with patients. Your writing on topics related to your specialty can be very useful to people with related health problems. In addition, you can remind the recipients of any vaccinations or examinations that they should not neglect. Therefore, do not neglect to ask for his email along with the patient's history!

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