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How does the Laryngophone work?

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How does the Laryngophone work?

The laryngophone is one of the possible ways that a laryngectomy patient can speak again. The device produces vibrations simulating the vibrations of the vocal cords. It is especially useful in noisy places, in phone conversations, in situations where we want to be heard loudly, shout to someone at a distance, or even call for help. In order to have a quality vocal result, in addition to the practice and the time we have to devote, the physiology of the skin around the mouth plays an important role. More specifically, if the skin has hardened and thickened after radiation treatment, this may make it difficult for the device to work. In this case we can look for softer spots in the throat or try to speak using the special "straw" through our dentures. The laryngologist's "speech" is heavily electronic and may initially turn some people off. The intonation function can add variation to the voice and make it more human.

Below Tony gives us a little demo of the Tru tone Laryngeal


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