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Bacillol Af Surface Disinfectant 1lt

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Bacillol AF 1000ml by Bode, Germany, is a ready-to-use alcoholic surface disinfectant.

Bacillol AF 1000 ml by Bode, Germany, is an alcoholic surface disinfectant without aldehydes. It has rapid and complete action within 30 seconds. It dries quickly without leaving any residue.


Ready to use. Spray the surface to be disinfected with a sufficient amount of liquid and then wipe with a clean cloth or paper.


Ideal for the disinfection of many alcohol-resistant surfaces such as: operating tables, patient tables, microbiology laboratory benches, toilets, nursing homes, industrial kitchens, food processing areas, etc.


Active ingredients:

  • propan-1-ol 450mg/g
  • propan-2-ol 250mg/g
  • ethanol 47 mg/g

Its microbiological action is immediate, acting as a bactericide, fungicide, tuberculicide and virucidal (including HBV/HIV, Vaccinia, Papova). It is compatible with a wide range of metal surfaces such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass as well as with plastic surfaces such as PVC, silicone, latex, rubber, polyamide.

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