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Hemostatic Spray 60ml

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Hemostatic spray Pharmalead 60ml for hemostasis in small superficial wounds

Hemostatic spray Pharmalead 60ml for hemostasis in small superficial wounds.


Its active ingredients create a layer of "powder" over the wound, which gradually turns into a cold hydrogel and absorbs blood from the affected area.


Its effectiveness is due to Algicare calcium alginate, a product of natural origin from marine algae, which has a strong hemostatic effect and stops any small and medium bleeding.


  • It speeds up the wound healing process
  • It contains plant extracts of aloe, sea buckthorn, chamomile and calendula which have an antiseptic effect as they fight bacteria, fungi, etc.

Instructions for use:

Shake well before use.

Hold the bottle upright, base down. Spray the wound from a distance of 15-20cm, using an amount proportional to the size of the affected area. Approximately 1gr corresponds to a 2-second spray and is sufficient to treat an area of ​​5cm2. If necessary, repeat the application after first lightly cleaning the area.

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