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Sentry Plus N Vital Sign Monitor

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The portable monitor Sentry Plus N by Bionics, South Korea, offers high-precision monitoring of the patient's vital signs.

The portable monitor Sentry Plus N by Bionics, South Korea, offers high-precision monitoring of the patient's vital signs. It captures, stores and presents the most important parameters for the patient image using the latest technology.


In its basic version it can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and temperature, while capnography  can be added optionally.


Ideal for private clinics as well as for ambulance transfers. It is suitable for all ages (adult, child, infant) and comes with a very easy to use software.


Its color screen (7.0 ”TFT LCD) has the ability to simultaneously display up to 4 different parameters (SpO2, Temp, NBP, EtCO2, OXY-CRG, APG) in the form of a table or graph, which can be customized by the operator.


It also has emergency lighting (360o alarm lamp) that is visible from all sides of the device.

The monitor can be connected with a 2-channel thermal printer to record all parameters and signals on paper, in real time. The printer is located on the side of the device so that it does not interfere with the use of the monitor.


It has a 30-day memory and can store 43,400 sets (1 set every minute) of vital records. In addition it can store up to 20 separate events.

Arterial pressure

Measuring method Oscillatometric method
Measurement range for Adult 0 ~ 300 mmHg
Measurement range for infant  0 ~ 150mmHg
Measurement cycle (automatic) 1 ~ 59 min, 1 ~ 12 hr



Measuring range SpO2  0 ~ 100%
Pulse range 0 ~ 300 bpm
Precision of SpO2 measurement ±2 %, for recordings 70 ~ 100 %
 ±3 % for recordings 50 ~ 69 %



Measurement range  0 ~ 50.0℃
Measurement accuracy ±0.1℃, for recordings 25.0 ~ 50.0℃


Capnography (EtCO2) (Optional)

Measuring method

Respironics Main stream/Side stream

Phasein Main Stream/Side Stream

Measurement range 0~150mmHg (kPa / %)
Measurement accuracy

0 – 40 mmHg ± 2mmHg

41-70 mmHg ± 5mmHg
71-150 mmHg ± 10mmHg


Other features

  • Dimensions: 180x175x248mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Operation with 240V external current, as well as with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with autonomy up to 4 hours
  • Oxygen sensor and pressure gauge included
  • Warranty: 1 year



 Sentry Plus N

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