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Tru-tone Emote Electrolarynx

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The Tru-tone Emote electrolarynx by Atos Medical is easy to use even for the elderly and offers an excellent vocal effect

The Tru-tone Emote electrolarynx by Atos Medical came to make your voice heard again!


Its use is very simple and easy even for the elderly. It offers an excellent vocal effect, as it is the only one that has an intonation function that curves the sound of the larynx giving naturalness to the speech.


The speech button is pressure sensitive, allowing you to give a different pronunciation to each phrase or word, by fluctuating the pressure. When you want to show excitement you can push the button more, or otherwise you can show disapproval by pushing lighter.


The new generation battery with a range of up to 1 month offers you a superior experience of use. Charging is via USB port, allowing you to charge the device as your mobile phone! It is ideal for talking on the phone or in crowded places with noise. It has a very durable plastic cover, able to withstand many "unexpected" falls.


You can test the device after consultation with our company or at a cooperating reseller throughout Greece.


Warranty: 1 year


In the following video, Tony, a laryngectomy patient, introduces us to the possibilities of Tru-tone:




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