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5 tips to reduce the fixed costs of your practice

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5 tips to reduce the fixed costs of your practice

Fixed office costs can be a headache for any private practitioner, but there are a number of places where you can save money. The operating costs of your practice can be limited in the following ways:


1. Share the space & costs of the clinic

You can share the office space with one or more colleagues with complementary specialties. In this way, you not only significantly reduce your fixed expenses (rent, bills, etc.) but you also offer, together with your colleagues, a wider range of medical services.

2. Smartly organize your medical supplies

Whether it's medical equipment, office supplies or anything else useful for your practice, market research is very important. Apart from the traditional medical visitor who meets you at your office, you can find many better solutions either in physical or online stores.

Analyze your practice's material needs by month or week and create a regular shopping schedule. This way you avoid buying unnecessary materials while also spending reasonable amounts each time.

Experiment with new brands of products - the brands you've become accustomed to from your years as a specialist may not be the most preferred or the cheapest.

Avoid impulse purchases. If you have run out of gauze, an emergency purchase from the neighborhood pharmacy will definitely cost you more.

It came down to 2-3 key suppliers. The wider and longer your cooperation, the more likely it is to get better prices and to save you from difficult moments like "I don't have materials to work with"

3. Use technology to your advantage

As cliché as it sounds, time is money, and if you can reduce the time you spend on various tasks in your practice, then you will benefit financially. A modern electronic program for the computerization of your clinic such as Clinica 0.30, Netmed360, Mymedical, Professional clinic, etc. it can free your hands and save you valuable time and ensure more time for your patients.

4. Make better use of your staff

If you have even one person at work, e.g. a secretary, means you spend a respectable amount on payroll. There are ways to make their working hours more productive:

Assigned processing tasks, such as cash management, procurement of consumables, updating the history of each patient, communication with insurance companies, etc.

Train and utilize your people, as tool providers in your invasive cases.

5. Outsource Tasks to Third Parties


Tasks such as telephone service, making appointments, editing your online presence can be assigned to companies that deal specifically with them. Due to their expertise, they can offer you better services and save you valuable time.


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