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7 common mistakes when using the sphygmomanometer

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7 common mistakes when using the sphygmomanometer

Automatic electronic sphygmomanometers are a reliable solution for regular pressure measurement in a home environment. They are simple and easy to use and can be used even by elderly people. Regular measurement can be a lifesaver for patients with chronic conditions and beyond. However, we need to pay attention to some frequent mistakes that affect the reliability of our measurements. More specifically:

  1. Incorrect body position. During the measurement the legs should not be crossed, they should not swing and your back should be supported on the back of the seat. The measurement should always be done on the left hand. The arm and the blood pressure monitor should be at heart level.
  2. Incorrect cuff size. If the examinee is overweight or underweight, the standard adult cuff included will not measure our blood pressure accurately.
  3. Measure after eating or drinking. At least 2 hours should elapse between mealtime and blood pressure measurement.
  4. Measurement after exercise. Do not measure blood pressure within one hour of vigorous exercise.
  5. The examinee has not urinated before the measurement.
  6. During the measurement, the examinee also performs other activities.
  7. The examinee does not take care of the periodic evaluation and service of the sphygmomanometer

As a general rule be aware that analog earpiece and wrist sphygmomanometers are unreliable in the hands of amateurs.


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