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A few words about tracheostomy

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A few words about tracheostomy

Tracheostomy is the surgical opening of the trachea and the placement of a special tube (tracheal tube) inside it, for the patient to breathe, bypassing the upper respiratory tract. The reasons they may require this vary. Tracheostomy can be done urgently in any place, such as in the case of acute airway obstruction, or programmed in the operating room, which is more common.

The tracheostomy can be temporary, i.e. after a period of time a convergence of the mouth follows, or permanent for life, as in a laryngectomy. As long as the stoma remains open, respiration takes place mainly through it.

Tracheostomy indications

The intervention is carried out in the following cases:

1. In upper respiratory tract obstruction (e.g. laryngeal edema) to ensure airway patency, when transoral intubation is impossible.

2. When there is serious trauma to the larynx.

3. In radical operations of the thyroid or the pharynx and the upper esophagus.

4. In patients whose breathing needs prolonged support:

  • Those connected to a ventilator for more than three weeks (21 days). The time period may vary depending on the case.
  • In cases where it is difficult to disconnect from the ventilator.
  • In neurological syndromes. Weakness or uncooperative swallowing and the risk of aspiration may be indications of a tracheostomy regardless of whether there will be mechanical respiratory support.
  • In multiple injuries or burns.
  • In tetanus
  • In cases with a large production of tracheobronchial secretions and difficulty in expelling them in large and uncooperative individuals.
  • In disorders of chest mechanics, obstruction of oxygen diffusion, supported breathing with a breathing machine.
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