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How to improve communication with the patient

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How to improve communication with the patient

The relationship between doctor and patient will always be a delicate affair. Good communication on your part can have a positive effect on the therapeutic outcome by strengthening the patient's psychology. The following features play an important role:


The attending physician, in addition to being knowledgeable about his subject, must inspire confidence in the patient so that the latter can open up and "leave" himself to the specialist's care. Research shows that following the doctor's instructions faithfully improves the therapeutic effect by 26%. Therefore, if you secure the patient's trust, the treatment will be more effective.

Balanced Stance

The doctor must be cordial with the patient and create a pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time he must remain neutral and objective. His relationship with the patient is not equal and it would be good to maintain the right context in the relationship. In no case should his attitude be contemptuous or aloof.


When patients say, "I know a good doctor," they largely mean a doctor who can understand their problems. Medical issues always have, in addition to physical symptoms, a psychological and emotional dimension. The doctor must put himself in the position of the patient and see the problems from his own point of view.


However unpleasant or inconvenient the truth may be, the majority of patients want to know it. Talk openly about the recovery time that will be needed, the possible side effects as well as the chances of success of the treatment. If it is in the patient's best interests, refer the patient to a colleague you work with.

Respect for the patient

Respect the patient's views and right to have a say in decisions about their care. Because of his cultural or social background he may be reluctant to follow your instructions. Finally, keep his confidential information safe.


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