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What to look for when buying used medical equipment

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It is a fact that choosing used medical devices or furniture is a very tempting option. Especially nowadays, when the economic climate has become more and more difficult, the purchase of used equipment is definitely cheaper than new. However, you should pay attention to the following points:

Condition / Wear

It goes without saying that you will check the equipment before agreeing to anything. You will look for any wear or dents and check that the devices are working properly. Ask to know the age of the products and where you can go for service. It is important to ensure that someone will undertake to repair your devices if necessary.

Does it suit your needs?

Usually the equipment available as second hand in Greece is limited in number. This can be a problem as the options available do not cover the needs. In addition, the device technology may be significantly outdated. For example, the exam chair sold by a retiring colleague may lack important features included in the base version of a new model.

Size / Ergonomics

Consider the available space in his office. Older equipment tends to be bulkier and sometimes lacks the element of ergonomics. Ultimately you need to find the products that serve you and make your work easier.

Price / Negotiation Margins

The last factor is of course the price. Do some market research before making your final decision to find products at a good price and quality. Always keep in mind the prices of modern models and bargain accordingly.


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