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Tracheostomy - Granted Items by NOPHS

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Tracheostomy - Granted Items by NOPHS

The insured of the funds under the NOPHS are entitled to a series of necessary materials for the Tracheostomy situation, free of charge. More specifically, the organization grants the following:

In case of mechanical respiratory support at home, for patients with a tracheostomy, the Organization grants and reimburses up to three (3) disposable ventilator circuits and up to six (6) antimicrobial humidification-heating filters per month.

As far as the procedure is concerned, the insured must obtain an electronic prescription from a contracted doctor of the EOPYY, which must record the condition and be stamped by a medical examiner. The prescription can have a monthly, two-month or three-month duration. The insured then contact a contracted provider of the Organization to obtain the items without any financial participation.

For more information call +302105778044 (ext. 12) or send an email to s.trafali@germanos-medicals.gr


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