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 T-LAB Regenerative Medicine Products

T-LAB is a pioneer company, focused on Regenerative Medicine products, with a presence in over 60 countries. T-LAB products are based on autologous treatments and find application in various fields, such as Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, Orthopedics, etc. Its product range includes effective PRP Kits (Platelet Rich Plasma) as well as innovative sets for Lipotransfer and the extraction of Exosomes & Stem Cells.

Cutting-edge autologous therapies use the patient's own cells or tissues, which are processed outside the body and reintroduced into the donor. An important advantage of autologous treatments is the elimination of immune reactions.

T-LAB maintains all the necessary safety certifications from the competent bodies and has performed over 1 million treatments worldwide.

prp kit

Complete PRP T-LAB kit

The T-LAB PRP Kit includes all the consumables that will be needed for the process of isolating PRP from the patient's blood. All the individual materials of the kit are specially studied to achieve the collection of the largest possible amount of PRP and to have the best results in the treatments.

T-LAB PRP tubes are specially designed for the collection and re-injection of PRP and are manufactured as medical devices with high quality standards.

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Τ-LAB PRP tubes

PRP tubes 10ml of graduated thickness, designed for optimal isolation of platelets.

Ideal solution for PRP treatments with various applications, as they can
can also be combined with other T-LAB products, such as the Dermomine kit,
the Exomine kit (see below).

  • They contain an anticoagulant.
  • They do not contain separating gel for greater safety.

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prp σωληναρια t-lab

prp συριγγα

Next PRP Syringe

The Next PRP syringes 10ml are characterized by an innovative design and can easily be converted into a tube that can be centrifuged. This allows the physician to collect and administer PRP without the need for tube transfusion.

PRX tubes for PRF

With T-LAB PRX tubes, creating injectable PRF without the need for its chemical activation is possible. The inner walls of the PRX tube are extremely smooth thanks to T-lab's micro-polishing technology. For this reason platelet aggregation in the walls is prevented and I-PRF can be managed without the use of anticoagulants.

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prf σωληναρια t-lab


Dermomine Regenerative Set

Dermomine is a kit with all the necessary consumables to take and re-inject a skin micrograft into the patient in the form of a suspension.
With the patented Microlyzer technology of thousands of microknives, the isolation of skin stem cells is achieved with great ease. For optimal results it can be combined with PRP.

Exomine Exosomes Set

The Exomine kit is based on Microlyzer technology and facilitates the isolation of exosome-rich plasma from the patient's own blood. Exosomes are isolated from PRP, so the Exomine kit can be combined with the corresponding T-LAB products.

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λιπομεταφοράς lipomine

Lipomine lipotransfer set

The Lipomine Kit is an autologous lipotransfer kit that can be applied in the office. Lipomine Kit is based on Microlyzer technology. The set includes all consumables from the liposuction procedure to the final isolation of fat cells.


Microlyzer SVF Kit 

The SVF Kit is the advanced version of the Lipomine Kit, as it allows, thanks to Microlyzer technology, the mechanical isolation of stem cells from the patient's fat, without the use of enzymes. The final product is rich in stem cells, while fibrous tissue, fat cells and triglycerides are completely removed.


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microlyser βλαστοκυτταρα svf

prp tlab

T-LAB Regenerative Treatments
Try T-LAB's autologous regenerative treatments in your practice today. Ask to be informed today.

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