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The Plastic Surgery department is one of the most important part of our company. Our aim is to supply the private and public sector with the most innovative and finest medical products, to nurture the work of Greek Plastic surgeons. Skin restoration products, breast and face implants, post – surgical recovery garments are some of the products that Germanos Medicals provide the Greek market.

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Mentor is part of Johnson & Johnson Group companies and is the leader in manufacturing silicone breast implants for more than 30 years.
More than 7 million women had trusted Mentor for the product’s quality and for the aesthetic result. As for that, Mentor offers 10 years guarantee for the whole product range.

Marena post-surgical garments are designed to offer body relief and many other health benefits, during the post-surgery period. Easy to put on, soft to skin and comfortable for extended wear.

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Arbrea Labs is responsible for the design of medical software regarding aesthetic procedures. Company’s goal is to provide the market safe, fast, simple ARS for every plastic surgeon. This software gives the doctor the ability to offer high levels of medical advice.

Implantech  is industry-leading company, well-know for the design for innovatinve facial implants for cosmetics and reconstructive purposes.Count on their comprehensive product line deisgned by prominent surgeons.
The main goal of the company is to continuously provide high quality products that enhance body areas



MicroAire is dedicated to designed innovative surgical instruments for aesthetic surgeries. Company’s aim is to provide surgical instruments that improve the medical procedures and the aesthetic result.

Symatese Aesthetics is known for the bi-layer silicon collagen dermal regeneration matrix for the benefit of patients suffering skin loss: 3rd degree burns, chronic wounds, traumatology and skin cancer.

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pfm medical

Pfm Medical is an internationally operating company, offering solutions in the field of healthcare.  They have successfully developed, manufactured and distributed innovative products for more than 50 years. They mainly focused on the field of surgery and bundle their products and services that are used in the operating theatre. Specifically, they produce titanised mesh implants for hernia, breast, and pelvic floor surgery.

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