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Anti-Decubitus Stripe Air Mattress

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Anti-Decubitus Stripe Air Mattress by Mobiak

Anti-Decubitus Stripe Air Mattress by Mobiak with cover & valve for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It has small ventilation holes in 4 bars as well as static and alternating function.

The pump pressure is adjusted according to the weight of the user.



  • Pump
Operating Voltage (V) -Frequency (Hz) AC220V/ 50HZ
Air outlet ≥ 5-6 lt/min
Range of pressures 50mmHg – 110mmHg
Swap Cycle 12 min
Consumption ≤ 7 W ± 10%
Noise ≤ 25 dB ± 10%
Dimensions 26 x 12,5 x 8,5cm 
Pump Weight 1,3kg


  • Mattress
Maximum Load 145kg
Colour Blue
Material Medical grade PVC
Layer Thickness 0,45mm
Dimensions 190 x 85 x 11,5cm (17 cells)
Connection Pipe Length 150cm
Weight 5kg

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