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Microlife BP Α6 PC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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The MICROLIFE BP A6 PC automatic sphygmomanometer provides the user with reliable blood pressure measurements easily and instantly with AFIB Technology to detect atrial fibrillation.

The MICROLIFE BP A6 PC automatic sphygmomanometer, clinically tested by the British Society of Hypertension, provides the user with reliable blood measurements easily and instantly.


Designed in collaboration with doctors, it is a reliable medical instrument for measuring blood pressure in the upper arm, ideal for home use.


MICROLIFE BP A6 PC is equipped with AFIB Technology, a world-leading technology for atrial fibrillation detection with 97% accuracy.



  • AFIB technology to detect atrial fibrillation with the AFIB symbol on the screen. If atrial fibrillation is detected, the AFIB icon will appear on the screen.
  • MAM technology: the sphygmomanometer automatically performs a triple measurement (three consecutive blood pressure readings) for each user measurement, so that a quick and accurate blood pressure measurement result is obtained.
  • Compatible with the FREE of charge Hypertension & Diabetes Corner service (www.hdcorner.gr) for proper Nutrition, Exercise & Record Measurements.
  • USB port for connecting to a PC
  • Easy to use with just one button
  • Ability to support 2 users
  • Storage of 99 measurements per user with date & time
  • Large display for easy reading of measurement results
  • With display indication if the measurement result is within the optimal (green), elevated (yellow), very high (orange) or dangerously high (red) range
  • Cuff control indicator for assured measurement reliability
  • Hand movement indicator: motion detection during measurement for more accurate measurement
  • Lock/unlock function
  • With a cuff of 22-42 cm suitable for normal as well as for larger people
  • Can be operated with a Microlife power adapter (DC 6V, 600 mA)
  • Very light, only 354gr including its batteries
  • With Greek instructions for use

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