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Liquid Surface Disinfectant Mikrozid AF 250ml

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Mikrozid AF Liquid (250ml) is a solution used for fast and effective disinfection of surfaces, plants and equipment, dries quickly and leaves no residue while having a pleasant and cool smell.

Mikrozid AF Liquid Surface Disinfectant 250ml is a solution used for the rapid disinfection and cleaning of all types of surfaces.



  • Rapid disinfection and quick cleaning of medical devices
  • Wide activity in very short contact times
  • It dries quickly, leaving no residue
  • No need to wipe
  • Application by spraying
  • No aldehydes
  • Suitable for tonometer disinfection
  • Good compatibility with materials
  • Medical Device CE / Biocidal product license

100 g of solution contains the following active ingredients: 25 g ethanol (94%), 35 g propanol-1.

Liquid ready-to-use

250ml with built-in sprayer

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