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Mini Heine 3000 Otoscope

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The MINI HEINE 3000 by Heine, Germany, is equipped with XHL technology (Xenon Halogen Technology)

The MINI HEINE 3000 by Heine, Germany, is a modern pocket otoscope of excellent quality. Equipped with XHL technology (Xenon Halogen Technology) it emits 100% more light compared to conventional lamps.


The otoscope offers you a clear image, enhanced by a focused illumination without reflections.


  • It has a chrome-plated anti-slip handle
  • Automatically turns off when returned to pocket
  • Exclusive Fade out function - the light intensity decreases so you know in time when the batteries need to be changed.
  • Includes 10 disposable tips (5 pieces 2.5cm diameter, 5 pieces 4mm diameter)

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