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HEINE Optotechnik

Είναι παγκόσμιος κατασκευαστής διαγνωστικών συσκευών και εργαλείων. 

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Heine Otoscope Tips (50pcs)
Otoscope tips, disposable, plastic, by Heine Germany - AllSpec (Grey)
Beta Otoscope Tips (50pcs)
Unispec disposable otoscope tips by Heine, Germany, for BETA 100 and K 100 otoscopes.
Mini Heine 3000 Otoscope
The MINI HEINE 3000 by Heine, Germany, is equipped with XHL technology (Xenon Halogen Technology)
Heine Spare Bulbs
HEINE 3.5V spare bulbs, specially designed for use with the corresponding HEINE instruments.
Unispec Disposable Proctoscope Tube
Unispec disposable plastic  proctoscope tubes by of Heine, diameter 20mm
HEINE F.O. Headlight
Last piece
Optical fiber headlight by HEINE, Germany, with high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally-brig...
Heine Diagnostic Torch Head
Made to order
Diagnostic torch head by HEINE, Germany, suitable for the general examination of the patient.
Μini Heine 3000 Handle
HEINE MINI 3000 series handle for use with all HEINE 3.5V heads
Mini 3000 fiber optic otoscope
Last piece
Mini 3000 fiber optic otoscope by Heine, Germany.
Heine Disposable Plastic Tongue Depressors (100pcs)
Γλωσσοπίεστρα πλαστικά Heine για χρήση με τις κεφαλές Heine
Set fiber optic headlight & lighting source HEINE
Last piece
Set fiber optic headlight with high quality optics for homogeneous, brilliant lighting & lightin...
Heine Veterinary Diagnostic Set
Made to order
Complete veterinary diagnostic set with otoscope and ophthalmoscope and 3.5V rechargeable handle by...
Mini Heine 3000 Opthalmoscope
The mini 3000 ophthalmoscope by HEINE, Germany, is a high-quality instrument for easy-to-use and rel...
Heine 2,3 Binocular Loupe
Made to order
Heine Optotechnik binocular loupe with non-scratch multi-coated quartz lenses
Mini Heine 3000 Dermatoscope
Made to order
The MINI 3000 dermoscope brings the high quality of HEINE (Quality HQ), Germany, to the service of d...

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