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Heine Veterinary Diagnostic Set

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Complete veterinary diagnostic set with otoscope and ophthalmoscope and 3.5V rechargeable handle by Heine, Germany.

Complete veterinary diagnostic set with otoscope and ophthalmoscope with the high quality by Heine, Germany. It comes with a 3.5V rechargeable handle, with the possibility of charging either in the socket or in a USB port.


Split Head Otoscope G100

  • Solid metal construction
  • Fiber optic lighting with brilliant homogeneous light
  • Rotatable, multi-coated, scratch-resistant lens with 2x magnification. High resolution image
  • Double secure bayonet lock
  • Easy cleaning due to its open design 
  • Heine Unispec disposable cones can also be used with the Heine adapter

Beta 200 ophthalmoscope head

The Heine Beta 200 has a unique optical system. With optimized aspheric lenses, which separate the light from the observation beam, the complete elimination of reflections (cornea & iris) and the sharp image even in small pupils is achieved.
In addition, it can handle even the highest refractive errors with 27 separate lenses mounted in a 74-position tray

+ in 1D positions 1-10,15,20,40D
- in 1D positions 1-10,15,20,25,35D

  • Halogen lamp with bright, white light thanks to XHL technology
  • Multi-coated observation lens to prevent light scattering
  • Anti-vibration protection
  • Ergonomic design - perfect fit in the eye socket
  • Continuous and stepless adjustment of the lighting intensity from 3% to 100%
  • It has 6 different apertures: slit, correction star with polar coordinates, cobalt blue filter, big & small circle, half circle
Contents of the Set
Split Veterinary Otoscope Head G100
Beta 200 ophthalmoscope head
1 metal cone 57mm long / 4mm diameter
1 metal cone 65mm long / 6mm diameter
1 metal cone 90mm long / 7mm diameter  
3.5V lithium ion rechargeable handle
Spare lamp
Storage & transport case

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